Minimize Risk To Wildfires

Last Minute Readiness (do only if time permits)

* Close all entrances to your home and other structures including windows, doors, garage doors, and vents.

* Close shutters, heavy drapes, blinds, or other window coverings. Doing so helps prevent sparks blowing inside your home and igniting.

* Have tools and water accessible. Fill buckets and other bulk containers with water. Have a shovel, rake, and long water hose accessible for firefighting crews.

* Dress to protect yourself. Wear cotton/woolen clothing including long pants and long sleeve shirts, gloves and a handkerchief to protect your face.

* Turn off the residential fuel. If you use natural gas or propane turn it off at the tank or meter.

* Prepare the automobiles. Move as many vehicles as possible into the garage and close the door.

* Don’t wait until the last minute to leave. Never jeopardize the personal safety of you and your family.